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If you want to watch live NFL football online and start watching the games in less than 2 minutes no problem.  Read our article below as it gives you the most up to date information available online as we cover over 15 places that you can watch streaming football today.  Because a lot of these sites go down and new ones pop up we refresh this list on a weekly basis for you so be sure to check back every now and then.  All the sites mentioned below are FREE to use, if by any chance a site asks you to pay anything than move on to another free site.

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Disclaimer: We do not own any of the sites mentioned below. We are not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned below.  We do not broadcast sports online nor do we directly link to sports streams.

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NBC NFL Football:

Did you know that NBC will stream the Sunday night football game live online for you to watch for free.  They have multiple different camera views and what you are able to see is a lot more comprehensive online here than it would be on the television set.  They sometimes give you the option to switch between cameras so if there is a certain viewpoint you enjoy you could toggle and watch the game how you’d like to.

Rojadirecta:  or

Rojadirecta is a sports stream directory site.  On the homepage are all the different games playing for the day, you simply need to click on the game you want to watch and it will open up to show the live sports stream.  There is basically every major sport listed on this site.  Some of these streams require Streamtorrent in order to watch them.  Streamtorrent is a free application to use.  See the end section of this article to learn more about Streamtorrent.


Wiziwig is a forum where people from all over the globe come to share where they are watching different sporting events online.  Because there are literally tens of thousands of members the site is very powerful in putting together a comprehensive list of where to watch live sports.  When you visit the forum you will notice that there are many different “Boards”.  Find the board for NFL+CFL+AFL and enter that board.  Within that board you should find a tread that has [Streaming] in the title.  If you enter that thread this is where people come to share streaming locations with each other.  At first using this forum may be a little intimidating as there are lots of boards and lots of threads, but if you give it a few minutes you will easily get the hang of the Wiziwig forum and find the information inside amazing and you’ll be watching live sports in no time at all.

ESPN Live Streams:

This is a directory of all the lives streams you can watch on ESPN.  Some of these streams may be for the general public while other streams may have certain restrictions.  This is a good source to check for high quality streams.


Not to confuse you, but will forward you to another site and this is ok.  What happened is that P2P4U decided to rebrand on a different domain name, but they then switched to another domain name, and then to another one.  I’m not sure what is causing all the switching, but one thing is constant, and that is that when you go to it will forward you to their latest site.  This site is very easy to use.  It offers all the major sports and is simple and straightforward to navigate.

ATDHE:  or

ATDHE uses a similar minimalist approach as Rojadirecta.  All sporting events are listed on the homepage.  They usually offer multiple streams for the same match.  So for football they will list multiple streams for the same NFL football games.  They also offer different major sports in their navigation bar so if you don’t want to view the entire sporting world list on the homepage you can narrow it down to a certain sport.  Definitely a go to site for finding all the major sports.

Stream 2 Watch Me:

This site acts like a directory of different sports streams online.  You can usually find a wide variety of different professional and amateur sporting events here to watch.

ESPN 3 Online:

ESPN3 online is a great resource to watch live sports.  There are some drawbacks though.  For most games they only allow you to watch them if you belong to a certain service provider that is on their approved list.  Examples of these are AT&T, Comcast, among many others.  They also offer an app for your smartphone that you can download.

College Sports Streams

MAC Conference:

The Mid-American Conference features schools like Toledo, Ohio, Miami-Ohio, Kent State, Eastern Michigan among others.  You can watch live streaming sports for each team through the above link.  You can also watch videos, highlights, and full games that previously played through the videos page found here:

Horizon League:

The Horizon League features schools like Butler, Cleveland State, Detroit, Wright State among others.  All events are listed on one schedule and events with a  symbol next to them are ones that you can watch the live stream online.  You click the  symbol to begin the stream.

Southland Conference:

The Southland Conference features schools like Central Arkansas, Lamar, McNeese State, Northwestern State among others.  When you visit the link above you will see that one of the columns is labeled “Stream”.  If the event is going to be streamed live online than there will be a link there for that event.

Penn Atlantic (Division II/III):

If you are interested in watching some Division II/III college sports you can do so through this link to the Penn Atlantic live sports page.

NCAA Sports:

The NCAA directly streams a lot of sporting events online, from baseball to football to tennis to track and field and much more.  All sporting events are listed on a single page with links to the live stream.  The events streamed seem like they are randomly selected so this site will offer you a good variety of different sports and teams to watch.

CBS College Sports:

CBS has random streaming college sports games online found at the above link.  There is a mixture of games that you can watch the live stream of and games where you can also hear the audio.  Next to each game’s time is either a video symbol  or an audio symbol  which you can click to watch/hear the game.

Yahoo College Sports:

Yahoo offers live video streams and audio streams for college sporting events that you can watch/hear online.  The events have a good mixture of different colleges and sporting events so this will give you a good variety to catch sports on.  Next to each game’s time is either a video symbol  or an audio symbol  which you can click to watch/hear the game.

People’s Broadcasted Streams is a site where people can stream videos from their computers and share with others.  There are mainstream sports on here as well as sports like pool and table table.  The above link takes you to the sports category on can be a good source to watch some sports, but other times there are many spam streams on there.  A spam stream is where someone says they are streaming something but when you go to view the stream it is usually a static picture and they ask you to visit their site.  This happens a lot when you go to watch NFL football online there so be on the lookout for this. is exactly the same as (see description above).  Sometimes you can find sporting events on either uStream or but not the other so it is worth your time to check both sites out. is exactly like and  The reason why I am listing multiple live broadcast sites is because sometimes there are members who are dedicated to one site only.  By providing you with multiple sites you will have the best chance to catch the game you want to watch.

Radio Online

Pro Football Radio Broadcasts:  There are many radio stations that broadcast online which are free to listen to.  They do this because they want to gain additional listeners.  What is a nice thing about this is that there are usually a bunch of them that on the weekends will offer live play by play of pro football games.  In the event that you want to listen to a football game online these sites may be able to help point you to the radio station broadcast online that you need to listen to your team.

Free Software/Apps to Watch Sports With

TVU Player:

The TVU Player is a free app that will allow you to watch television channels for free through the internet.  While this app is not used only for sports, when sports are nationally televised on stations like Fox, NBC, CBS, etc… you can use the TVU Player to watch them.  What is particularly nice is that the Fox channel shows regional games, so if you are in the New York area but the TVU Player is accessing the Texas area Fox channel that day you would see whatever games the Texas area gets.  There are also dedicated sports channels on the TVU Player that offer the ability to watch sports (especially football), highlights, replays, and analysis all day long.  The TVU Player app is very reliable and the streams are in very good quality which makes this a great app to use.  If you want to watch it through the web instead of through the standalone app you can do so here:


Streamtorrent is a P2P (peer to peer) free application which allows someone to stream an event and allows other users of Streamtorrent to watch that event live.  Streamtorrent completely bypasses the internet and it is a direct connection.  A lot of people who stream sporting events enjoy using Streamtorrent as their main means to streaming and as a result it is the most commonly used P2P application for streaming sports in the world.  People who stream NFL football are big time users of Streamtorrent and it is their favorite tool to stream live football games online.  There is a good guide that will give you the basics on how to use Streamtorrent which you can read here:

Congrats, if you are reading this you read the entire article!  Hopefully you enjoyed and remember to check back as we keep this updated for you.  Again, we do appreciate if you “Like Us”, “+1 Us”, “Tweet Us”, or anything else you can do.  Have fun being able to watch live football online!

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  1. TJ says:

    What can I say, amazing! TY so much man this is going to make my season. All the other sites in Google I found were all scams where they wanted you to pay $50 for software. I’ll be passing your site on to my friends.

  2. James says:

    Fellas one word – AWESOME! Love it love it love it. Got to watch a few of the baseball games last night, today gonna catch college f-ball and tomorrow the NFL. You guys rock, keep it up!


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    stuck at work and now able to watch the Notre Dame/Purdue game online. sweet.

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