Watch the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks

In the weak division that is the NFC West both of these teams have a chance to win the division and make it to the playoffs despite the fact that they may struggle to post winning records. In the NFC West 7-9 is good enough for a division title and a home playoff game, which the Seahawks proved last year. For those that choose to watch the Seahawks and 49ers you should do so knowing that neither team is likely at a stage where they will impress on the gridiron.

First reason to watch the Seahawks and 49ers: If Michael Crabtree and Braylon Edwards were not on the 49ers roster chances are receiver Josh Morgan would be the number one wideout in San Francisco. Unfortunately, Edwards and Crabtree are on the roster, along with blossoming tight end Vernon Davis, which means that the potential playing time for Josh Morgan will be limited in 2011, especially if Ted Ginn slips into the slot receiver role. If that turns out to be the case Morgan could end up as the 4th wide receiver on the depth chart and seeing as the 49ers are probably going to be a run first team he would be lucky to see the field 5-7 plays a game.

Second reason to watch the Seahawks and 49ers: Left tackle Joe Staley was drafted by the 49ers in the first round of the 2007 draft and so far the pairing has worked out for both Staley and the 49ers. While Staley may not be one of the premier offensive linemen in the league he is a much better player than he gets credit for. When you take into account the talent level of many of the other starting left tackles in the league you can actually get to see how good Staley is.

Third reason to watch the Seahawks and 49ers: The Seahawks brought in former Raiders tight end Zach Miller during the offseason to help the offense and new quarterback Tavaris Jackson. Unfortunately, while Miller is a solid pickup, he likely won’t have the same production with the Seahawks seeing as how there will be an even less competent quarterback throwing him the ball in 2011. Miller could easily become the security outlet for Tavaris Jackson but it must also be mentioned that his new quarterback isn’t exactly the most accurate in the league so while he may get more targets than he did with the Raiders last year he may not end up with as many receptions.

Fourth reason to watch the Seahawks and 49ers: With Sidney Rice and Mike Williams on the roster second year receiver Golden Tate may not see enough balls thrown his way in order to have a breakout season but even if he is relegated to slot duty he should still be able to improve on his rookie year performance which was lacking in many aspects. Tate has the potential to be a great #2 or a solid #1 but before that happens he will have to learn how to run routes in the NFL

Fifth reason to watch the Seahawks and 49ers: Third year running back Justin Forsett could be a major weapon for the Seahawks if they would just give him a chance but they seem to be determined to make sure that there is always another back in front of him on the depth chart to limit his touches. Forsett can be much more than a third down back but it might be a while before anyone within the Seahawks organization realizes it.

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